Friday, January 11, 2008


It's raining outside. The cat is sitting at the back door, looking out at the rain. My hair has taken on a life of its own...more curls than usual! After 4 years of living in about 12% relative humidity, 75%-95% on a daily basis is a huge change! My skin REALLY loves this change...I'm using WAY less lotions and potions. BUT MY HAIR!!! It's's like having some kind of perpetual bad-hair-day. It's SO frustrating! Thank goodness for things like Garnier Fructis Spray really helps to tame the wild beast!

Oh, the cat...she has decided that she really likes her new home. She likes the stairs, and having new places to hide. She absolutely LOVES sitting in the window upstairs, and staring out at the squirrels...she SO wants to chase them. Poor kitty!

Other adjustments to life on the East Coast keep showing sinuses and ears are having issues. My children all are dealing with some kind of cold...I's that time of year. I am confused by the new roads, and frustrated with the schools, and just plain p.o.'d at the clinic on base. On the plus side, I AM learning to find my way around town, without having to print off directions from Mapquest every time.

I was VERY excited to be moving back to the East Coast. Now, I am starting to re-think this whole East Coast thing. There are WAY more people here, which translates to mean there is WAY more crime here (see here). It also means that the traffic problems are multiplied. And that the proliferation of iritating people is at an all-time high. I'm beginning to think that I *might* have an attitude problem...have I ever mentioned that I don't like change?!?

Time for an attitude adjustment!!


Penelope Anne said...

You will be okay....You have beautiful hair. I can't keep mine that long anymore.
Coffee Talk Ladies, you can email me at
and I will send the referal info.
Penelope Anne
Cafe at the End of The Universe

Wendy said...

I moved here to the east coast from the midwest six years ago, so I understand the adjustments you're going through. BUT...after sticking it out (despite my daughters' cries to return to KS) we've reached a happy place in our attitudes. There's so much more for us to do here (beaches, history weekends, visit DC, etc.)
Hope it gets better for you!

Angela said...

I pray that in time you and your family will adjust. don't look old enough to be the Mom of Six. Your hair is beautiful and you have six beautiful children.

Thanks for stopping by again. Please come by an visit as you can. I am glad that my words gave you a good feeling to brighten your day.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love, family, friends and laughter!


Dawn said...

Thanks for keeping up with our little preemie saga. It's fun to have new readers! I noticed you found my DIL, at Twenty-Eight Celsius. Sounds like you might have read up on my son's journey.

Have a wonderful week-end!