Monday, January 7, 2008

Pet Peeves

****Since this is gonna be a whiney post, take note now. If you don't *do* whining, don't read this.****
Starting off the new year right, by airing my pet peeves now, so people know where I stand.
  1. Dirty landry on the floor, when there's a perfectly good hamper to put it in...and not even full, I might add. And, if by some coincidence, your hamper is full, EMPTY IT!!!
  2. Dirty dishes left all over the house. This is our new knows. It's new to us. AND, I might point out, there is BRAND NEW carpet on the floors upstairs. We have laid down the rules...NO FOOD upstairs. Period. Not even for mom and dad. So, why am I finding glasses, cups, bowls, etc., upstairs? Obviously we need to review the rules.
  3. Toys all over the place. All. The. Time. Second house rule. Toys are to be PUT AWAY when you are finished playing with them. Immediately. Again, rule review time.
  4. Virginia drivers. They're CRAZY!! Driving home from Curves this morning, I was in the midst of coming to a stop at a RED light, when flying right by me comes this little car with a guy definitely intent on killing himself, and several other people in the process....I mean, the speed limit was 45, and the light was RED, and he ahd to be going at least 55 when he buzzed right thru that RED light. Fortunately, the people coming the other direction were paying a lot more attention that he was. We've also been cut off...more times than I care to count (and we've only been here a little over a month!)...not just from the lane directly beside us, but coming from *3* lanes over, attempting to get off on the exit directly to our left. Crazy, I tell you, CRAZY!!
  5. People who expound on things about which they know absolutely nothing. 'Nuff said.
  6. People who steal from stores, other people, their place of business, etc....I worked for 3 years at Walmart. People who steal from Walmart....okay, at least the ones I experienced...are nuts. Like we can't tell what they're doing. Or somehow they aren't being watched on the 90 million cameras that are on, all the time, all over those stores. While I was working at Walmart, a kid (12-14 years old) was caught leaving the store with 2 bottles of $50+ weight-loss medicine. Never mind that he had no need of this....he was stealing it. He was caught. His mother was called. She came, and was overheard severely castigating her son...."I told you never to steal anything worth more than $10.00!" WHAT?!?!?!?? This mother was basically telling her son that it was okay to steal, as long as it wasn't too expensive, and/or he didn't get caught. That is one parent you really want to slap...and then throw in jail, herself. Oh, and don't think that this stealing doesn't affect you because it's not you doing it. If you're not stealing from the stores you shop with, I applaud you. Thank you. But realize that those people that ARE stealing ARE affecting you. THEY cause prices to be raised, to compensate for the losses that the store is suffering. Oh, and those grumpy cashiers....they just had a really bad day, because of that kid stealing from the store. He just cut their bonuses in half. Give them a break!
  7. People who ask stupid questions, or make stupid comments. "Are they all yours?" No, I go pick kids up off of street corners, and bring them home. What do you think?!? "Don't you know where they come from?" We sure do...and we LIKE IT! If you get your parents permission, we'll let you in on it, too! "You sure have your hands full." As opposed to what? I could have 1 kid or 2 kids, and have my hands full...having 6 kids does NOT make me some kind of super-woman, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I am HUMAN. I have bad days. I still love my kids, and no freaking way am I going to choose between them, to figure out which one I'd rather keep in some ficticious scenario.

Stopping there....I'm sure that's WAY more than you'd rather know about my pet peeves....


Sarah said...

Agreed! 'Nuff said... =)

Sema said...

Hi Laura, thanks for visiting my blog. I am kind of Curious as to how you finally found me. Have you lived in Kenya or Africa? I can relate a lot to your last point. I came from a big family and whenever we went out in public (even in Africa, where having a big sized family is the norm) they would always ask my mom if some of the kids were her siblings!!!! How rude!

Da Gunny said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! Laura, I know you surf into the Gouge... I've been watching your blog, too. Returning the favor. I don't know why you like mine, but hey that's cool. Now, this is the second try, let's see if I can get it to post

My kids told me it was the DOGS who left the plates and glasses upstairs. No big mystery now, right? Unless you don't have dogs. Then it's the cats, or turtles, fish, hamsters, gerbils or something else.

Oh and the "like I don't know where they come from? WE LIKE IT!" Right on! Sallie and I hear that also. ROFL!

Thanks for the laughs, I needed them.


Gunnz (Mike)