Sunday, April 27, 2008

Christianity for Skeptics

Did I ever mention that I LOVE the church we've found here? I have to say it again. I LOVE Reality Church. This is a seeker-oriented church, so if you're looking for your normal church (read: pews, hymns, and "Sunday clothes"), you will be a bit shocked to walk into our church.

First things first...NO ONE wears "Sunday clothes" to Reality...well, except maybe a couple of the little kids who just LOVE their beautiful dresses, and don't have anywhere else to wear them. The rest of us? Jeans, t-shirts...nothing dressy.

Second...ambiance...we meet in a high school cafeteria, and have much of it set up with small tables, kind of like a cafe' setting. The lights go down, and we have spotlights, and colorful lighting, and two big screens that are used for the lyrics of the music. The music...a BIT more upbeat....a little Skillet, some MercyMe, occassionally some Barlow Girl...this is NOT your average Sunday morning music.

Finally, Steve Sileo is is an awsome pastor. Again, not your average pastor. And the sermons? Not really sermons. More like talks...but SOUND. GOOD. Make you THINK. Yeah, we love Steve!

So, we're in the middle of this really GOOD I wish I had been able to hear when I was my daughter's age (14)... Called Christianity for Skeptics, Steve has covered:

  1. Why Should Anyone Believe in God?

  2. Why Scientists are Rejecting Evolution

  3. Why is there Evil if there is a God?

  4. Why should I trust the Bible?

Today, he spoke on Why Jesus Is Everything You’re Looking For, and next week is Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

If you're interested in listening, go to Reality Media and download the individual's is not yet up, and I think they didn't get the first one on there yet...


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

We attended a church very similar to this one when we were stationed in Denver. We loved it and miss it terribly! I like the more modern, laid back feel. I wish we could find something like that here :(

Sounds like a really interesting series your pastor is teaching on too!

DidiLyn said...

That does sound cool. I love church that doesn't fit into the mold of "religion."
Good for you guys and praise God for this church you found.