Monday, April 7, 2008


I never realized how tiring it is to sit at my desk all day long, doing nothing more than typing, editing and emailing, and taking breaks to take care of the four year old, do laundry, run the dishwasher, meet the school bus to get the 6 year old, feed the cat, pick up the house, fix lunch.... wiped.OUT.

Thankfully, it is raining outside, and has been rainging since Friday night. The baseball fields are big mud puddles. All of the Opening Day activities were cancelled on Saturday. Today's practices were cancelled. I know the games will be rescheduled, but for now, I'm grateful. I needed the relatively slow day!

It's almost midnight, and I still have a TON of work to do....headed back to work...miss you guys!!

***And in other, terribly important news, Kansas accomplished an upset in the final game of the NCAA Championship. The husband changed it from my movie so he could watch it, and promptly fell asleep again. The most unfair part? He WILL KNOW who won, and what the final score was...and he was SNORING! How does he do that?!?!***


Laura said...

Hope things slow down a bit...hang in there!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I can relate, between packing for the move I have a document to rewrite and edit for the Boy Scout troop, and numerous other tasks. Life never seems to slow down.

Wendy said...

Wow, that sounds like my life. Every. Single. Day. Ugh! I feel for ya!

Men just have that knack, don't they? LOL If I'd realized the game was on, I would've been watching it, too. Sorry, but you know what they can take the girl out of Kansas, but you can't take Kansas out of the girl. Woohoo Jayhawks!

Gunnz said...

We learn to do it in Boot camp, Laura. We can sleep and stand in formation, sleep and march, sleep and eat, sleep and complete a days training and still know what went on!