Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen More Google Searches that bring people here:

1. Sick and irritated with my husband - me, too, sometimes
2. Wubzy adventures - this seems to be a recurrent theme here
3. Non-Mennonite background - that's me!
4. Blogger mom Columbia, SC - I don't live there any more
5. Birthday party speeches oprah
6. Blogspot + camping trailer - huh?
7. Cradle + Mennonite + school - well, I DID go to Mennonite school
8. Love letter to Oprah - more Oprah
9. Did Dr. James Robison write a letter to Oprah? - yes, and you can see it here
10. Jealous letter - I don't know about this one...
11. The given project - see this one here
12. James Robison - a lot of this subject lately, too
13. Oprah, Eckhart tolle - and more...
14. No shorts in the Presbyterian church-this one is new to me
15. What not to wear devotionals - you can see my attempt here
16. Nashville smith baby crosspoint - and more on this here and here


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Sandy M said...

Ok, you are one of my new favorite blogs! Very good post! Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting TT. It makes me want to delve deeper into your blog and see more of what you're putting out there. Great T13!

Qtpies7 said...

Way better than the searches that hit my blog, which apparently isn't rated PG anymore. Poop, spanking, spanking and peed her pants, etc. sick things.

Sandy C. said...

I love looking at these. There are some very strange people out there in the internets ;)

e-Mom said...

I enjoy your blog and your family values. Yay, Mom!

I especially enjoyed the love letter to Oprah, by Dr. James Robison. Wow and thanks. Printing...

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

baby~amore' said...

very awesome idea Laura - very interesting searches.

I read you in reader and I try to comment as much as I can. I enjoy your blog.
& hearts

My Little Drummer boys
warm regards