Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day at the POOL!

Our Saturdays are so random now that we don't have baseball games.

So, this morning I went to the Ladies' Brew Group...we met for breakfast since we'd just finished the study we were doing.

Then I came home and finished up some work.

Then we went to the first of the post-season parties...yeah, I know. Baseball again.
We're almost done.

One of the families has a pool, so we were all invited for some fun in the pool.

(Remember us...those people who moved back to civilization after 4 years of exile in the Great Frozen North?!? My children don't know how to swim....because it's too cold to go to the pool in the Great Frozen North.)

So, we got all suited up and sun-screened-up, and headed out to the party.

And it was exciting!!

Until Justin jumped right the deep end.
And he doesn't know how to swim.

And I think my heart stopped.
Yeah, we were all a little scared.

And the other mom just jumped right in and got him up and handed him to me.
And he coughed and gagged and cried.
And I hugged my 8-year-old baby, and talked him through his being scared, and he got back in and sat on the stairs for a while.

And then he got back in and played and REALLY had a good time!!

And we all had FUN.
With water guns.
And masks and snorkles.
And noodles...the swimmy ones.
And lots of other kids.

And sun.
And bugs.

And there was pizza.
And sodas.
And cake and candy.
And more trophies. and other fun stuff!!

And then we came home and I worried about my son...because I'd read this article, so now I need to go up and check on my son....


Dawn said...

It sounds like a very fun day, but very scary when your son jumped in the deep end!

I just read your depression post, and can so relate on behalf of my daughter!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Terrific cake!

Monday through Sunday said...

Looks like a fun day! I hope your son is recovering well...probably is.

LOVE the cake!!

Amy B said...

The cake looks awesome!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome day too! Well, except for the one incident. :o)

I pray all is well!