Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #24

Thirteen Things on my desk.

I REALLY need to clean off my evidenced by this list of things I spy on my desk.

1. Coffee Cup...full of hot coffee..

2. Water glass.... from my water before my walk.

3. Camera

4. Cell phone

5. Empty tape dispenser

6. Ace bandage...needs to be put away.

7. My bouncing moose from MT

8. Pieces of a set of matryoshka dolls

9. Bathing suit

10. Pictures

11. Lotion

12. Broken piece of pottery

13. Papers...LOTS and LOTS of papers.

THIS is my project for the off my desk. What is your project for this week?

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Monday through Sunday said...

It is amazing what accumulates on the desk!!

Clarence said...

My project for this week? Oh, I have so many phone calls to make that I just keep putting off! Good luck with the tidy up!

Soul Pockets said...

I am glad I am not the only one. I find the bathing suit and broken pottery amusing. :)

Carol said...

I was pretty sure my desk was worse than yours until I got to #9. Yeah, time to clean off the desk! ;-)

Good T-13!

Denise Patrick said...

OK, I was thinking that it wasn't too bad until I got to the bathing suit!! I'm guessing it's time to clean off the desk.

Happy TT!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Are you serious?! The desk in the header? Oh my. You can't even see the wood on mine :-{
I'm commenting on your comment now:
It reminded me of an instance where a lady moved into our area and stood at the pulpit of our church saying "I want to be your friend", yet when I tried to invite her out she was always busy-- once with the excuse of "I'm going to wash my hair". 10 years (and a few licked wounds) later, I discovered she went off the deep end. The really, really deep end. So her rejection had very little to do with me.
How many more years of moving do you have? We have at least 9 (which equals about 3 more moves).

Sallie said...

Hi, Laura -- stopping in to say HI :-)

It's good to be back online..

God bless,