Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #26

Thirteen Things that I need to stop procrastinating.....

1. Finding a counselor here in our new town.

2. Finding a dentist.

3. Finding a vetrinarian.

4. Taking care of my carpal tunnel.

5. Taking my vitamins.

6. Calling my mother.

7. Having "THE talk" with my 10-year-old.

8. Teaching my children to play the piano.

9. Playing the piano for my own enjoyment.

10. Ditto on singing.

11. Cleaning off my desk.

12. Cleaning out the garage.

13. Chucking the list and having some fun with my kids.

What are YOU procrastinating?

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Kelsey said...

Awesome TT! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Always Been Different said...

Cool TT! :-)

Kimberley said...

Procrastination! I completely get it I should be doing home work instead I am Blogging! Oops. To much fun. 13 Things I would do if I was not working!

forgetfulone said...

Great T13! Two things... I would prioritize the list with the fun at the top then the talk with the 10 year old. The others can wait a while longer, don't you think? Loved your post. Mine's up, too.

Mrs. C said...

I don't know... I'm putting off talking with my almost 15-year-old on that... I have gotten 'round to mentioning the word "don't" though, so I think we're covered. :]

Clarence said...

Thanks for dropping by my T13. That's nice your kids help you with the housework. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely, hope that changes for you soon. And Good luck with the talk!

Carol said...

Yes. You do need to get some things taken care of on this list. I'm going to circle #8 & #9 & #10 about a jillion times. DO IT!!! #9 & #10 might even help eliminate the need for #1.

Happy 13!

Alice Audrey said...

Procrastinate? Me? *looking over shoulder to see if anyone there will make me confess.

verabear said...

Don't get me started. Haha. :)
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Danica/Dream said...

I love this! Thanks for stopping by! I'm procrastinating on unpacking and cleaning. :)