Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thirteen Things about Women of Faith, 2008

1. Women Of Faith in Washington, DC was this past weekend.

2. I had the chance to go to Women of Faith with about 30 ladies from our church.

3. I drove up with my friend on Thursday, and got to go out to dinner in Chinatown with the friend we were staying with...and we got to ride the Metro...

4. Friday was the Pre-Conference, called I Second That Emotion. It was a good reminder that though we are emotional as women, we need to remember that our emotions do not have brains, and we need to use or brains to make decisions, not live by our emotions.

5. The rest of our group arrived Friday afternoon, and we found our seats for the main part of the the nose bleeds...I don't do heights.

6. The program on Friday night was increadible...GREAT music with Sandi Patty, Natalie Grant and Nicole Mullen. Speakers...Patsy Clairmont, Steve Arterburn, Marilyn Meberg, Jan Silvious, Sheila Walsh. Drama...Louise DeArt, Anita Renfroe and Allison Allen.

7. The hotel we stayed at was under construction, and we were NOT impressed...we were also told that the parking would be $36...turns out they were off by $12...and breakfast was *only* $19.95 per person.

8. Friday night, before the evening session, we got to head to dinner at a great little Chinese restaurant for dinner....the food was delicious....and they were BUSY...apparently they are that busy every night, all the time.

9. Saturday morning, we checked out of the motel and moved our van to the Verizon Center parking garage...which turned out to be only $12 for the whole day of parking.

10. Saturday's sessions were good again...more increadible lessons in dependence on God and recognizing that we are not alone.

11. About some individual speakers...

Patsy Clairmont is one energetic young lady...

Nicole Mullen is MY AGE, and is in REALLY good shape...that woman can DANCE...and her nephew...the Oscar Meyer Weiner boy that was on Oprah...he can dance, too!!

Steve Arterburn...the man has lived thru a lot to bring us something as wonderful as Women of Faith!

12. Saturday we had a ton of fun with the other ladies from the church, eating lunch together, and getting pictures together.

13. The BEST part of the trip was the ride home with my friend, talking it all over and getting to know each other....Thanks, you!!

I hope you get a chance to attend a Women of Faith is a wonderful, relaxing, fun time!

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Denise Patrick said...

Ooooh, I'm jealous. I love Nicole Mullen. Her music is wonderful and so uplifting! It sounds like a great conference - but, I have to confess, I'm glad I was where I was instead. Check out my TT and find out what MTW stands for.

Happy TT!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Sounds like a wonderful conference I always want to get to things like this but never make the $$ for me, always spoil these kids of mine instead. One day I want to do this again though, great TT topic.

elaine said...

i have been to ONE women's conference at my church, it was great, but the entrance fee was just too much for me.. too bad it couldn't be free :)

Wendy said...

Overall it sounds like an amazing time! I'll have to find out when/where future conferences will be. Lord willing, I'll get to one someday.

Oh, and you HAVE to tell me what Chinese restaurant you went to. We want to go to DC again someday and it sounds like a great place to eat. :)

Always Been Different said...

One of these days I hope I will get a chance to attend a Women of Faith conference, sounds like it would be GREAT!

Happy TT!