Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Laptop for Frances

I just finished reading the post at 5 Minutes for Mom, and I am SO glad that Tammy will be getting a laptop...that will help their family out, immensely! So, then I was really surprised to see that HP is going one step further and helping out another person...and I thought of my amazing daughter, Frances.

Frances is a rising Freshman in high school this year. This week she is in band camp, because she will be playing the piccolo for Marching Band, and flute for the Concert Band. She is enrolled in a special program in the public schools here in Virginia for High School students who wish to further their Language and Global studies specializations while still in High School.

Frances has big dreams and plans for her future...she has plans to learn at least 5 more languages, on top of the two she is currently studying. She wants to be in missions, and is excited to see where God will take her.

Frances is my oldest child...a most gifted and beautiful daughter, who has a beauty of spirit not seen often in teenagers. She is my right arm...the babysitter extraordinaire, cook, laundress, etc. in our house. She often does not get to do participate in things because finances are tight, or because another of her 5 siblings has something going on.

I know that as she enters high school, she will NEED to have access to a computer, and because I work from home, my computer is not often available to her. Having a laptop would make it possible to keep up with her school work, and possibly help fulfill her dreams.


Monday through Sunday said...

Last year we were given a PC out of the blue. So..I do believe the Lord cares about these things! I pray provision for you and your daughter! :)

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh I hope she wins! My daughter is going into high school this year, too - and her desktop computer just died. With braces and back-to-school clothes and shoes to pay for, a new one isn't in our budget right now, so she uses mine when she needs to. Your daugher sounds amazing! Good luck to her!