Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #37: On staying awake too late

Thirteen Things I did last night instead of sleeping:

1. Sewed new patches on the husband's uniforms...uniform inspections are today.

2. Hemmed his new dress uniform "trousers"....I TOLD him I HATE/dispise/can't stand hemming those lovely polyester bell-bottoms...but he had to order them online, and they don't come pre-hemmed....

3. Washed dishes (in my dishwasher).

4. Drank a gallon or two of hot Spiced Chai....

5. Cleaned off the ironing board, so I could use it for the hemming...

6. Dished ice cream for the husband and myself.

7. Played games on the computer.

8. Watched HGTV.

9. Tried to catch up on some work.

10. Updated my facebook page.

11. Drank some more hot tea.

12. Worked some more on some STAT work.

13. Fell asleep at the computer (at about 1:45 am), cleared off the bed, put away laundry, ran the dryer, fed and watered the cat, herded my sleeping husband upstairs, and turned off all of the lights.

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Jenn said...

Sounds a lot like my house some nights, all except the sewing. I don't sew.

Jenn said...

Ice cream! I'll pass up sleep any night for ice cream.

Sheri/Cookingmom said...

I'm a nightowl, too. And my husband always makes fun of me on the nights when I fight going to bed, yet fall asleep in front of the TV with my computer on my lap.

Denise Patrick said...

You should have been exhausted after all that. I hope you got to sleep in.

Happy TT!