Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #41

Thirteen Things about my week (because I don't want to make it *all* about pain....)

1. I was actually having a REALLY good weekend. Jason was home. We were having friends over. My house was (for the most part) clean. I got to go to Ladies' Brew Group. It was all good, Saturday morning.
2. I came home from my brew group to do a couple of last-minute things...make (SWEET!) iced tea, wash the last few dishes, vacuum the rug in the living room.
3. Vacuuming was what did it. SOMETHING in my back decided it didn't like the combination of me and vacuum, and the work we accomplished. I had to stop in the middle, and let my 10-year-old finish.
4. By the time our guests got here (10 minutes later), I could barely move.
5. We had a LOT of fun with our friends....8 kids, 4 adults, hamburgers, and friendship.
6. Oldest daughter had to be at the school by 4:30 pm to head to her last band competition (BTW, YEAH!!! Marching Band is over!!!). Hubby had to take her because I could barely move.
7. Sunday was a little better, after I took a muscle relaxant the night before, but was unable to do a lot.
8. Monday saw steady improvement. Still taking muscle relaxants at night and Ibuprofen during the day.
9. Tuesday, I made the mistake of thinking I could function normally, sans any pharmacopia. Tweaked it again, trying to move laundry from the washer to the dryer. UGH!!
10. Wednesday, sore most of the day...better as the evening wore on, but still sore. Called and made an appointment to see the doctor.
11. Mornings are aweful. Dressing myself is close to impossible. It is rather embarrassing to have to get my daughter to help me put on my socks because I can't bend that far...
12. All of this means that the whole exercise plan is put on hold...can't very well walk my mile per day or work out on the machines. UGH,again.
13. The pain killers are wreaking havoc on my stomach....BLECH. I feel OLD. Hopefully next week I'll have something positive to talk about...I never realized how much my back affected the rest of me. I now have MUCH more sympathy for people with chronic back pain!!
****UPDATE: I officially have sprained my back and have a pinched nerve, aka sciatica. I have MONGO painkillers and muscle relaxants...according to the pharmacy people, I will be "high" for a week or so.

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Carmen and Jim said...

Yeah, these things need constant care. You can't do anything! I recommend heat and rest. :)

KC said...

ouch.. hope you are feeling better soon.

Sue said...

Oh that's too bad. Sounds like you tried to make the best of it. Hope you're feeling a lot better soon. :)

Nicholas said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Egads! Do get better soon... and as stated above, a heating pad and rest are your friends!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh My, hope your back is better soon.

The Mrs. said...

I certainly hope your feeling better soon! You sound like you have a great attitude, keep it up dear!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I am so sorry!! Nothing to stop you cold like back pain.
I hope you rest and heal soon!

Kristi said...

I ope you feel better soon. There's never a good time to be out of commission when you're a mom.