Sunday, December 6, 2009


You know that moment.

The one you dread.

Some friend has had something happen to them. Something bad.

You hurt for them. REALLY. You want to say *something*. You think you really probably *SHOULD* say something. You've been thinking about what to say. But every scenario you have run through in your head ends up the same way. It won't sound right. It will hurt more than help. Nothing comes out right, and you end up embarrassed when all you wanted to do was express sympathy and caring.

So, what do you do? Do you say it anyway, even if you *KNOW* it won't come out right? Do you just give them that awkward pat on the shoulder...the one that says "I know I'm not close enough of a friend to give you the hug that I really want to give..."?

How do you handle it?

(so, I just patted her on the shoulder, and said "I'm sorry." I hope it helped, some)

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