Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We have to think about next year ALREADY?

Next SCHOOL year, that is. 

This year, we have children in THREE schools.
Three in elementary school.
Two in middle school.
One in high school.

Next year...well, we'll see.

In the city where we live, there is an Academy system within the public schools, which allows children who are interested and gifted to focus on particular fields early in their schooling careers.  Our oldest daughter has been in the Global Studies and World Languages Academy for three years now, and will be graduating from there next year.

Our second child has applied to 3 different academies, so has the potential of being able to choose from 4 different high schools for next year.

Our third child will be finishing her time in middle school next year, and will be applying to some academies the following year.

Our fourth child...well...he is entering 6th grade this year, and is an outstanding student.  For the middle schoolers, there are two different magnet schools that he has applied to, so we are waiting to hear on that one.

The two youngest will also be staying put next year.  Thankfully.  Because I don't know that I could manage thinking about ANOTHER school.

As it stands, if you're still with me...We have the potential of having children in 5 different schools next year, as well as my husband and I both being in separate graduate school programs.

Total household size:  8.
Total schools represented (potentially): 7. 

I need a personal assistant...and I think we should be a poster-family for continuing education.  Oh, and I MISS homeschooling...things were a LOT less complicated.

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Krysti said...

Homeschooling! (Happy sighs) Those were the days! :D

Maria misses them too, and keeps asking me to bring them back. I can't at this time, which makes us both sad, but we have to keep going.

The whole multiple schools/multiple children thing sounds very complicated. If you ever get it figured out, it would be interesting to hear about how you decided which school for which child.