Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another day older and.... day closer to seeing my honey!! 

As our R&R approaches, I find myself making all sorts of plans, knowing that most of them will fall to the wayside.  He has already made some plans for us (GET AWAY!! - so excited!), and he and two of our girls are to be in a wedding during that (very) short 15 days we get with him.  The kids are excited, I'm excited....I'm sure he's excited, too. 

Why do I dread it, then, if we are all so excited at the prospect of seeing honey/daddy for two whole weeks?!?  I know one of the things I dread is the thought of his leaving again, and the sadness and turmoil that will follow.  I dread 4 more months of not having him here.  I dread the feeling of disconnection.  I dread being *the* parent of the hour...supervising, planning, feeding, driving...doing it all alone again. 

Ah, but meanwhile, the excitement is building...and I need to get busy on this messy house...

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