Monday, August 1, 2011

We're having SO much fun!!! (REALLY, we ARE!)

Life is hectic.  Always.
We have too much on our plates - nothing new.
The kids are involved in a lot.
Dad isn't home... mom gets to play several roles at once...
...not news.

Things are getting ready to get a LOT busier. 
Today was Justin's school picnic for the new middle school he'll be attending in the fall.
It was HOT.
Four of the kids went with me, and we were all miserable.
Justin got to meet a bunch of kids that he will be starting school with in 35 days.

This next weekend involves back-to-school shopping
(along with the whole rest of the state, since it is tax-free weekend).
I hate Hate HATE shopping...
...especially when there are thousands of other people bent on doing the same thing.
Should be fun.

Next week sees the beginning of band camp.
For two kids.
At two different high schools.
Competing high schools.
Should be a blast...that lasts for 2 whole weeks.

Then, during the second week of the above band camps,
the other four kids will be at Operation Purple camp.
All week.
They should have a BLAST!!
(and mom's a little jealous!)

THEN, after driving back up to pick kids up from camp,
MY classes start the following Tuesday.
I am SO looking forward to that. 
It probably won't be a ton of fun,
but I AM looking forward to getting back into the books.

Finally, two weeks later, my kids head back to school. 

Yes, we are having fun...
...we are enjoying the last 35 days until school starts.
Kids are swimming.
Mom is working.
Kids are spending time with friends.
Mom is cleaning.
Kids are watching TV and sleeping in.
Mom is making shopping lists.
...and playing computer games...
...and sleeping later than I'll be able to soon...
...and spending time playing virtual Scrabble games with dad....
...and having lunch with friends...
...and blogging.

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