Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where I prove that I *can* be organized (pictoral proof for my husband, who doesn't believe me)

I took one of my "free" days this week, while four of the kids were at Operation Purple camp (post to come later, with pictures...), to lay the foundation for just a bit more organization in my life.  Which revolved around school supplies, and the intense need for a place to store and organize the ever-growing need for supplies. 

So, I compiled my list...this is for *4* children.  The four youngest...

And I went shopping (of which there are no pictures...because I was alone!!)

And I bought out the store.  Maybe.
You can see (if you look carefully) that this receipt goes on *forever*.

And I brought the lovely supplies home, and plopped them on the kitchen table so as to get some picture of just how much crap was involved in my children's "free" education.  For which I am not finished purchasing supplies.  And have spent an insane amount of money on...and not bought one single stitch of clothing. 

THEN, I actually ORGANIZED them, in NEAT piles, in the closet...ready for use. 

$175.00 later, and we are about half-way to being done with the school supply shopping for this year. 

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