Friday, October 21, 2011 38,000 feet...

I’m sitting on a very dark Boeing 777, somewhere over Turkey.  (Note:  I wrote this sometime on Tuesday...)

I spent the last week visiting my husband in his little neck of the woods….it was lovely.  I THOROUGHLY enjoyed visiting with him, and seeing friends made on my last visit there….and helping him start getting stuff ready to come HOME!!!  As of this moment, he has 2 days until he moves into a hotel, out of the flat he has called home for the last year.  He has to pack all of his stuff up, and mail it off to the house, and will be home during the first week of November.  I can’t wait!!

Meanwhile, the pilot has illuminated the “fasten seatbelts” sign, which means I can’t get up to go to the bathroom….so I type some more. 

I have had a restful week…no kids, no housework (well, maybe just a little), no pets, no classes…I SLEPT.  It was amazing.  I did not catch up on sleep...after all, I spent 21 hours on planes going to see him, and the time difference is 7 hours. No definitely did not catch up on sleep.  But it was restful…I told our Chaplain friend and his wife today that my visits there have both seemed like a spiritual retreat…a chance for me to be fed, and to rejuvenate…and to recognize some more areas that need work. 

I DID actually do some homework….I still have some projects that need to be typed up…but two big ones are mostly done.  I studied for my Ethics exam.  I made a lot of progress.  I need to make a LOT more.  Plus house cleaning, kid hauling/wrangling, and generally preparing to have my husband home.  Sigh. 

I’m ready.  He is, too.  The kids are ready.  The people at church are ready.  Now, we just have to wait out the last two weeks….

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Tara Anderson said...

Homecoming is getting SO close!!! Glad you were able to enjoy your visit!