Saturday, October 11, 2014

He's HOME!!

Today I was able to pull off the biggest surprise I have ever been able to manage.

I was able to surprise 5 of my six children.  (There are videos from 2 of them...sometime I'll get around to retrieving them from devices.)

Last night (actually this morning) at 1:45 am, I picked Jason up from the AMC Terminal in Norfolk, and brought him home.

Our eldest was home from college with a friend, and was still awake talking, so he got to surprise her before we went to sleep.

This morning, he surprised the youngest when she got up.

A little later, the two boys came home from the Scout event, and he got to see them.

After taking the eldest out for a Daddy-Daughter date (sushi!), he and I went to surprise #3 child at the Scout event, and then headed out to meet and surprise the final child.

There were tears, and laughter, and lots of happy smiles.

Everyone is OVERJOYED that Dad is home...

And now we can SLEEP!!