Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book ideas, please

If I were to write a book, where do YOU think I should start?

1) My life-story

2) A book on Emotional Wellness/Psychological Wellness from a Christian perspective

3) A book on living a Christian life as a military family

4) Other (please make a suggestion)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catch-up Time

Apparently I'm really bad at keeping this blog updated any more.

It's now 2015.
We are living in Massachusetts.

We sold our house in Virginia.
Jason works in New Hampshire.
Frances is in a Junior in college in South Carolina.
Jon is a Senior in high school in Virginia.
Heather is a Junior in high school in Massachusetts.
Justin is a Freshman in high school in Massachusetts.
Leah is in 7th grade.
Katherine is in 5th grade.
Jason finished his fourth Masters degree...and started yet another.

We have been here for 4 1/2 months.
We survived the "Storm of the Century"...which this winter meant that we saw more than 100 inches of snowfall here.

So, a few highlights and details since I last posted:

Without going into a lot of detail, while Jason was in Korea, the two older girls and I had to testify in a trial in May, 2014, and again in July.  The person was sentenced in October, 2014, and it was a HUGE relief to have that off of our plates.

In November, our good friend Jimmy Sadler came through and did pictures for us again...all of the pictures in this post are from that day.  We LOVE Jimmy's work...there are pictures of his all over our house!!

God sold our house.  We put it on the market over Thanksgiving, while we were visiting family in South Carolina.  The VERY FIRST family who looked at it offered us full-price, and we closed on February 20th.  That full-price offer was still WELL below what we owed, so we had to get bank approval of the short-sale...which happened without a hitch, thanks to the amazing team at Chantel Ray Real Estate in Virginia Beach.  Jordan Hoskins was a WONDERFUL agent to work with!!

In early December, Jon decided that he would NOT be moving with us.  He found a place to stay, and has maintained great grades, held down two jobs, bought himself a car, got insurance, and a phone.  He has also been accepted to at least one of the schools to which he applied.  Jason and I will be getting to see him for Graduation in June!!

All of the farewells in late November and early December were hard.  We had been in Virginia for 8 years, and made a lot of really good friends.

We all thought we would be in Virginia for a bit longer, but God had other plans.  For now, we are learning about living in Massachusetts, making new friends, and getting involved at our new church.  God knows what our future long will we be here?