Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cognitive Dissonance
When none of what I'm reading makes any sense any more....this would be how I respond...

If I believe everything I read on my Facebook page...
~Donald Trump is going to destroy our country.
~Hillary Clinton is going to destroy our country.
~Bernie Sanders is going to destroy our country.
~Maybe President Obama wasn't so bad after all.
~President GW wasn't so bad, was he?
~I miss President Ronald Reagan.
~Hillary really screwed up by attributing anything to FLOTUS Nancy Reagan.

~Male Gamers are sexist pigs who abuse women who dare try to enter "their" world.

~Catholic students are anti-Semitic.

~Only people who battle cancer are heroic.
~Only people who battle child abuse are heroic.
~Only military members and veterans are heroic.

~People who harm animals deserve to die.
~People who perform abortions are providing a service.
~People who perform abortions deserve to die.
~People who perform abortions need to be shown how to get out of that industry.

~Legalizing marijuana use is only logical.
~Legalizing marijuana use is the first step of a slippery slope.

~Time-change is stupid.
~Time-change is logical.

~Foooooood.... them all.  They're all good.
~Movies...don't watch any of them.  They're all bad.


~Kittens are cute.
~Sea creatures are fascinating.
~Elephants are cute.
~Dogs are cute. And also stupid.
~All animals deserve to be pampered.

I think I'm tired of the negativity, the trumped-up drama, the highly inflaming headlines, and especially politics.

I am also tired of city-raised people who don't understand how farms work, and how life is for farm animals.

I am immensely tired of people who think that all animals should be treated like pets, but are okay with babies being killed, and don't see anything dissonant about this thought process.

I think it is time for me to take a Facebook break, before I start running people off....because I can't handle much more cognitive dissonance.