Friday, February 1, 2008

It's payday!!

Hubby and I just got home from the's payday...I HATE shopping in the Commissary on payday.

But, we had no food left in the house, and we're having a Super Bowl party on Sunday. My husband is the entertainer in the family, though we all enjoy having people over.

We're going out tonight, trying out a new-to-us restaurant, Smokey Bones.

Afterward, we're bowling. Last week, Jason was picked up as a permanent substitute for someone who broke an arm, so he'll be able to finish out the season, and we'll start the new season in March.

Tomorrow is cleaning day, and we've got to get the rent in to the housing office.

What do you do on your payday?


The Mama Bear said...

Pay it out as fast as it comes in....I cannot wait until we can stop living from check to check, hope hubby gets pending promotion and we can start banking some money.

Generally it is car payment, rent, and groceries each week. We allocate a percent of each check to rent when we can so we don't have to stress at the end of the month.
Alas we are strapped this week and will not get to have a munchy feast for the Superbowl because we had to spend rent money to fix our car last week so to make up for it our grocery budget this week is slashed to very little.
Next week will be soup and more soup for supper, as it goes far and is filling.
Enjoy your night out...I am hoping we can still do that for Valentine's Day but it isn't looking too good.
~ The Mama Bear

tasha said...

Wow, you have a very busy weekend ahead of you!! All we do on Payday is go grocery shopping and pay bills, ha! Enjoy your night!

Scribbit said...

When I was a kid my grandma would come to visit and shop at the commissary and I always wanted to go too but never got to. It made it into this Big Thing in my kid brain that the Commissary must be something REALLY great. I've still never been :)

Laura said...

Friday is pay day for me. No big plans, grocery shopping maybe. I don't have a day off till Wednesday and I might do something then. I'd like to go to the big bookstore.

Sallie said...

I went to the commissary too.. Friday and Saturday! Friday was a great day with no rush or crowds. Saturday I remembered I forgot stuff and thought I'd run in "for just a few things" --- more than $100 later I was standing in line wrapped back around by the orange juice thinking I was so stupid for not waiting until Tuesday!!