Monday, February 18, 2008

Today I am recovering....

Constant Convocation Center
Norfolk, VA
Time: 6:00PM, Ticket Price: $10 @ Door - No Advance Ticket

Details: Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2008

Recommended Arrival Time: 2-4 Hours Prior to Doors Opening

Doors open at 5:00PM

Pre-Show approx. 5:20PM

Lights Down approx. 5:55PM

Show Ends approx. 9:15PM

Check Out! .

For More Information: 757-683-4444

Venue Address:4320 Hampton BlvdNorfolk, VA 23529

Last night, I went with 2 of my kids and 30 parents and kids from our church to Winter Jam 08. Wow. An amazing mix of increadible (if loud) music, and great speakers, with 8,000 to 9,000 excited kids and parents. It was FUN!! Group1Crew, Barlow Girl, Mandisa, Mercy Me, Newsong (boy have they been around forever...they were touring when I was in college!), and a really great speaker named Tony Nolan. It was a BLAST, and I realized that I am getting OLD. I am not flexible, and I am tired. Concerts are fun, but those dang seats are small and close least all the kids had fun....and my 2 that went....they recommitted their lives to the Lord....AND, we sponsored a kid through Holt International. Way cool. Way tired mom.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, is Skillet theband that sings locked in a cage?

Laura said...

WOW - sounds like a blast.

Funny how it takes us longer and longer to recover after such fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

I don't know about the cage...they didn't...just lots of loud music, accompanied by headbanging...FUN!

Wendy said...

Wow, that sounds like such an awesome show! Are your ears ringing? LOL

My girls would especially love to see Barlow Girl (so would I for that matter).

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I love Mercy Me! I wish I could have been there too! Last "concert" I went to was Natalie Grant & Avalon....At the Women of Faith conference last year. See, I'm getting old too, lol. (It was GREAT though!)

Rhonda said...

I still don't get Skillet, but I know the kids like that kind of thing. Sheesh! I have become my mother!

I am glad that you enjoyed the concert, and if you get to feeling too old, just think, "I am not nearly as old as Eddie from Newsong!" Dude was old when they were touring when I was in college. lol