Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It was SUPPOSED to be a productive day...

...and then I got up. Honestly, I am looking around my house right now, and can't for the life of me figure out what I've done over the last few days. My house is a WRECK.

I KNOW I have washed dishes everyday, but they're all piled up on the counter again.

I know we've done multiple loads of laundry, and put away mountains of folded laundry, but the hampers are all overflowing and the sofa is covered in clean laundry again.

We've picked up and cleaned up, and put away, and washed, and dried, and folded, and swept, and taken out garbage, and done homework, and made it to baseball practices, and gone to the grocery store, and gotten everyone on their respective busses on time, and worked, and cooked meals, and eaten meals, and gone to various meetings....

....but somehow, if someone walked into my house right now, you'd never know that I cared about how it looks. No one could tell that we picked up several trees' worth of paper off the dining room floor, or that the whole alphabet has been put back onto the refrigerator 15 different times. Or that the pantry and refrigerator have been systematically emptied by the voracious beasts in my house.

Is it any wonder that mothers feel unappreciated? That we don't ever have the satisfaction of a job well done...especially since the job never is done, or once done, it is UNdone again in about 10 seconds flat....

So, for the record, I want you moms out there to know...I appreciate what you do. I appreciate all the long hard hours you put in. The lack of proper acknowledgement.

So, go, reward yourself. Go find those chocolates you hid away, make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee, sit back, put your feet up, and remeber that you've earned your 10 minutes of rest and relaxation. But hurry, before the hooligans get off the bus, and you have to start all over again!!


Jennifer P. said...

I think every mom out there is nodding her head in agreement to this post! I'm sure we're all thankful to have the source of the mess forever messing :)--a house that gets cleaned and stays cleaned is probably overrated anyway, right ?!

Hang in there! It's not what you do but who you're doing it for that counts!

(Love the new look of your blog too!--very Springy!)

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I never feel like we are making progress on anything and with the move, it is a nightmare around here, I cannot wait to start fresh at the new hous and I PRAY the kids will stick to the new ground rules.

Ads said...


i totally feel your sentiments! i got married last Feb'08 only, and living with my hubby is really a major adjustment! since we are both working 9-6pm we have no more time to clean up the house!

i cant imagine how life will be like when we get kids! :) but im excited on having one though..

right now, im appreciating my mother even more! :)