Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #33: Raising Boys

Thirteen Things about Raising BOYS!!

1. I was worried about not having fun dressing my boys...but I was wrong!!! They're fun to dress, too....

2. No matter how much blue you put on them, someone will call them girls and say they're beautiful (and you just thought that was just YOUR boy!?!)

3. You will be baptized by your sons at some point while they're still wearing diapers (or not).

4. There will be cars and Legos and Lincoln logs and trains and planes and lots of other little toys all over the hosue.

5. Boys play differently than girls...things get a LOT more physical with boys around.

6. There will also be tools all over...and parts of the things they are taking apart with those tools.

7. The boys' collections vary GREATLY from the girls...The boys bring in bugs, rocks, and stray screws, nails and pieces of trash.

8. MY boys are seriously addicted to electronics...are they all this way?!?

9. Bicycles, baseball bats, cleats, gloves, and all-too-easily-seen CUP....never put away.

10. The desire to be a MAN...will get them to do all kinds of chores...killing bugs, taking out garbage, mowing the yard....

11. They want to play DANGEROUS sports...the poor mama's heart will never be the same....

12. They get injuries playing above dangerous sports...with scars that they are OH SO PROUD to show off!

13. My boys teach me every day how much I need their father to help raising them!!

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Michelle said...

Sounds fun having boys. I only have one little 4 year old girl. Maybe I'll be blessed with a boy next time. Great TT and thanks for stopping by my place.

Alice Audrey said...

I warned my mother about diaper changes. She didn't believe me when I said he had a four foot range. LOL.

Kristi said...

#2 especially if they are both of mine were.

#4 So sick of stepping on them but LOVE the inventions that are created

I whole heartedly agree with EVERY one of these. There is truly a special place in heaven for the mothers of boys. Happy T13.

Ivanhoe said...

I have to remember that when I have my own :o)
Thanks for stopping by today!

YummY! said...

I want one child with the best of both sexes. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

The joys of boys!!! I totally get you on most of these!!

Sandy C. said...

Aww, a great list!

My hubby leaves his tools all over the place and is addicted to electronics. However, he never does his chores. Clearly, he doesn't want to be a man :)

bernieg1 said...

I raised two boys myself and it was challenging, fun, rewarding and I would do it all over again!

You may be interested in reading my 13 annoying things that get on my nerves about the Internet!

Nicole Austin said...

Raising boys is definitely a much different experience. Its a riot how proud they are of every bruise, cut and other manly battle wound.

Armagnac Esq. said...

All good info, thanks! Just found out we're having a lad so I googled 'raising boys' and you'll be pleased you came top of the blogsearch!

Managed to avoid being wee'd on by the girlchild but I expect this time around it's inevitable!!

Norma said...

I raised one, and you are exactly correct, right on, etc.

My TT is late.