Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #34: Randomness

Thirteen Things out of my groggy ramblings:

1. One night of less than 6 hours of sleep makes functioning hard.

2. Two nights of less than 6 hours of sleep makes functioning exceedingly difficult.

3. School starts in 5 days.

4. My oldest will be getting ON the bus at 6:00 am.

5. Whoever determined that all of the schools would have their various Open Houses and Orientations during the same week did not have children going to 3 different schools.

6. A combination of no sleep and LOTS of coffee means I CAN function, but I have the jitters.

7. Realizing that Football Tryouts lasted all week really screwed with my schedule.

8. Thank goodness for school activity buses!

9. And friends willing to pick up children when you can't get there in time!

10. Having children who can cook is a HUGE help!

11. It is starting to feel like it *might* be getting close to fall.

12. I have wierd dreams when I haven't had enough sleep.

13. I wish I had more time for blog hopping...I'm missing all of my favorite reads!

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Journeywoman said...

Good list. Good luck next week.

B Boys Mom said...

I think you need some me time. I know it's very hard to fine. Things are very crazy this time of year isn't it. It's for me and I only have 4 kid's you are super mom with 6. Thanks for visiting my TT. I really like your blog I'll be back to read more. Happy TT

KC said...

Oh my goodness.. your life is sounding much like mine at the moment. Yesterday I woke up at 6am (after getting to bed at 1:45am )Got my oldest up and off to school then got the middle two up and off to school had an hour then had to take the youngest to the dentist an hour away. was there over an hour, went and had lunch drove the hour back picked kids up from school and had 20 miutes before having to take off to the oldest Jr high volleyball game which was another hour away.. the game got started late and therefor ended late by the time I waited for the bus to get back to the school and then driving back home.. We didn't get home till a little after 9pm.. then it was get everyone ready for bed. UGH.. what a long day..
Great T13

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I think we would starve some weeks if we did not have kids that could cook. happy TT.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Egads on #4! If I had to convince ANY of our kiddollos to try and "be ready" before 6am, it would be a nightmare of biblical proportions! My thoughts and prayers are with you... and get some sleep! :)

Simply AnonyMom said...

I hear you with barely functioning with little sleep. I only have 2 so I don;t know how you do it with 6. My mom had 6 and I remember never being on time EXCEPT to church and school.

Good luck and i hope you have a great weekend.

Lynne said...

Hopefully, once school gets started, you can get back to some sort of routine! In the mean time, have some coffee (forget the jitters)!

Original GRITS said...

I can't imagine the work it takes to raise six kids. You are my new super hero! lol