Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekly Roundup

It's Friday how this week has flown! My eldest is in Band Camp this week, so I'm doing a LOT of driving...I'm in the car for 2 hours daily, and I haven't done that in a LONG time. Isn't she beautiful? She's the one on the right in the back.

I finally had my appointment with Occupational Therapy...daggoneit...I was hoping for Physical, after the Doctor who did the EMG saying I DIDN'T have carpal tunnel, the lady at Occupational Therapy says she thinks I DO have SOME carpal tunnel issues...just not enough to show up on the EMG. She also thought I had two other issues happening...the disadvantages of having a desk job. So, she told me all these thing to do, and NOT to do...and gave me this lovely splint. Isn't it gorgeous?

My oldest son has been busy rescuing vehicles from the trash-man...or rather, just these two, and then has stayed busy working on getting the go-cart running correctly.

The rest of the kids are staying busy with their friends, playing at the park, and taking advantage of the last couple of weeks of summer.

The crazy cat has been working on her escape plans...and attempts at every turn have me chasing her through the neighbors' yards.

My husband is busy, preparing for a change of command, and working on his 3rd-to-last class for his Master's Degree...and is busy trying to figure out what is next...which has included a trip out to the ARMY base, and some research of seminaries in the area.

And THAT has been my meals, laundry, cleaning (especially the stove, so it can be replaced), and work....What have YOU done this week?


Amanda said...

I remember band camp. Oh how hot it was, but I made some great friends.

Dawn said...

I saw your link at Blog Around the World and wanted to say hi!