Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday afternoon musings

This past week has been a relatively quiet week. By quiet, I mean we have had no extra doctor's visits, no drama, and no waiting on test results. Peaceful. RELATIVELY so.

Between all of the drama that passes for life in our household, normal stuff happens. And normal stuff in a military family includes sadness over friends moving. Summer is moving season, and with the school year winding down we find ourselves preparing for the moves of several friends...a girlfriend (of the 14-year-old), and friend to all of the kids will be moving away to Maryland after her father's retirement. We'll miss seeing Hanni-banani on a daily basis. Some other friends are moving back to Italy, and still others are moving on to new duty stations.

In other "normal" news, Justin lost another tooth this week...and when we went to put it away in the new bag, we discovered we had done this TWICE, we have one baggie with 3 of his teeth in it.

Today my house is crazy. Sundays normally are "nap day"....we get home from church, eat a light lunch, and EVERYONE takes naps. Ahem. Not today. There are 3 children upstairs who are SUPPOSED to be napping (I can hear one of them yelling at the PS2 game he is playing). The other 3 took their friends and walked to the pool. Oh, yeah....a total of 9 kids in the house today, 5 of them teens. And Jason had drill today, so he was at work for most of the day...until he got off to come home and change and head out to Leader Trek (a training meeting for leaders in our church). Now he's headed home, and the teens *should* be on their way back from walking down to the corner Wawa (convenience store), and I *should* be working. Yeah.

So, I'm going to sign off of here and get back to work....or maybe not...I think I'm going to step outside and warm up in the 90+ degree weather before I get back to the grindstone....

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

We have rain and more rain...
Maybe I could come and borrow some of your heat and sunshine... ?