Tuesday, November 30, 2010

School Pictures!!

It is that time of year again...the annual parade of the school pictures...except that one of our children somehow was overlooked this year, and we didn't end up ordering her pictures.  However, for your viewing pleasure, here are the remainder of the kids.

Jonathan "Jon" is 14 this year, and in 8th grade.  
He is playing the trumpet this year, and wants to try out for the baseball team.  

Heather is now 13, and in the seventh grade.
She is playing the flute in band, and was playing the alto saxophone for Jazz band, but we are unsure if that will continue since she broke her wrist.

Justin is 10 years old, and in 5th grade.  
He is doing very well in school, and is practicing presently for the geography bee.  

Leah is 8 years old and in third grade this year.
She is loving school, and thoroughly loves loving torturing all of the animals within range.

Katherine is six years old this year, and is in first grade.  
She really enjoys school, though the adjustment from kindergarten to first grade has been challenging.

God has richly blessed us with some beautiful and talented children, for which we are ever-so-grateful!!


Paul said...

Hi, Laura! You have a beautiful family and it was fun reading through some of your blog. Looks like you have alot going on in your world and being a single parent at times. :) God's blessings to you! Amber (Overholt) Swarey

fitvabchvol said...

Laura, you have beautiful children! God has richly blessed you!

I found your blog while procrastinating on this paper and have really enjoyed looking through it! You write very well, I feel like I'm right there with you and give you tons of respect for all you do!

Melissa Peppenhorst