Friday, January 7, 2011

Update on THE WRIST

Heather broke her wrist two days after her birthday.  (Note:  She broke it during her birthday party - she is blowing out <--those candles while waiting to go to the ER)

It was what the doctor called a "buckle fracture", and did not completely break the bone, but three weeks later, when we finally were able to get in to see the orthopedist (thanks a lot, Tricare), they put a cast on it.  That was three weeks ago. 

Yesterday she had an appointment with the orthopedist again, and it was x-rayed again, and declared to be 98% healed.  The cast was removed, and Heather can move her arm again. 

The happiness at having the cast off was short-lived...the itching that had been present but unscratchable (yes, I just made that up!) was now coming out in its full glory...leprous skin and all. 

All of the skin that couldn't come off due to the cast being on that arm for 3 weeks has now come off, and the skin on her arm is tender, especially after she puts lotion on it.  Oh, and the muscles are sore...seems they got stiff, too, after being unused for 6ish weeks.  At least now she can take a SHOWER!!

Now, she has a brace for 3 more weeks, and should be good after that.   YIPPEE!!

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