Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Blog-aversary to ME!

Somehow I missed that my blog-aversary was yesterday. I don't know what the tradition is for a first blog-aversary, so I'm going to make one up!

First, we sing the Anniversary song....No, really, please don't.

Second, I tell you how grateful I am that you have stuck by me, my friends! You have enriched my life, comforted me, encouraged me, and supported/enabled me in my addiction! I am forever grateful for your friendship!

Finally, I make plans for my future.
*In case you hadn't noticed, I have slacked off with my writing here. That's going to change.
*I am working on some series' on things like parenting, marriage building, and friendship.
*I also have some very late tags/awards that need to be taken care of...sorry for the delays!

Again, my friends, THANK YOU for sticking around. Your continued friendship means the world to me!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

From Our House to Yours...

We hope that you have a Revolutionary Christmas...remembering that the reason we celebrate is that we have the gift of Forgiveness, Peace of Mind and Eternal Life through the Babe whose birth we celebrate today.

Laura for the Paxton family

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday's Photo: All about the Holidays

Happy 15th Birthday, baby girl!!

At less than 1 day old, with Grandma and Aunt Naomi....

At about 7 months....

At about 7 years, living in Texas....

As an 8th grader, dressed out for her last concert of the year, in Virginia....

As a freshman in highschool, preparing for her first marching band performance....

Preparing for her first performance with the Symphonic Band....

Happy Birthday, Sissy!! I love you!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recap of my week

You know those times, the ones you are sure you'll look back on with relief that they are over with?

I've had one of THOSE weeks. Unfortunately, the problems that have arisen are not yet completed. Legal problems. Problems concerning my son's safety.

In a nutshell, my oldest son (the 12 year old) was attacked by some neighborhood boys one afternoon this week after he got off the bus. He is still hurting. He's nervous about riding the bus again.

We've been in contact with the police.
We've been in contact with the school.
Investigations are ongoing.

I've spent a lot of time on the phone, and have stressed a lot over my son's safety. I am still unsure as to our next step...besides the one that says wait...wait until Monday. Wait until I can discuss this further with my husband, when he's back in town.

Oh, yeah...that's the other thing that's happened this week...

This very special man in my life has accomplished something BIG...He's graduated, again. With his Master's degree in Business Management. He flew to Chicago yesterday, and drove out to the campus for the Hooding Ceremony and Graduation today. I'm SO SO SO proud of him!!

So, my friends, please forgive my quiet week on this blog. It has been anything BUT quiet in my house, let me tell you...which would probably explain my lack of posting.

Oh, AND we celebrated Miss Thang's 5th birthday....
and I worked...
and did 19,000 loads of laundry....
and baked cookies....
and birthday cupcakes....
and attended Holiday concerts at two different schools...
and Women's Ministry meetings....
and youth group Christmas parties...

AND that would probably explain the lack of Christmas decorations in my house, as well....
MUST go decorate!!!

Hope your week has been less hectic than mine!!

Happy Birthday, dear Loulee....

My baby turns 5 today....

We've already been celebrating since Thursday....I think this child is going to milk the birthday for all it's worth!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Purse Bling....check it out!!!

Here's a unique website to remember for gifting the girlfriends in your life.
These things are so practical and make wonderful gifts.

The Key Finders hang over the lip of your purse so you never have to go digging for keys again!

The Purse Hangers are perfect for ladies who go out to eat often.
Instead of putting your purse on the floor or elsewhere, you hang it from the table top right next to you.
Convenient and smart.

Just thought I'd pass this along when we are all looking for budget friendly gifts.
They are very pretty and nice quality too - a very nice piece of "purse jewelry".
(You can also have them personalized.)

Below is a link to my friend Kathie's new stay at home business.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cafe Chat

This week's Cafe Chat question is:

If money were no option, what gift would you give to who and why?

Okay, so this is my second try at this...I read the question wrong the first time through.
If money were no OBJECT, I would do a lot.
If money were no OPTION, I'd give of myself and my time to help fill a need....
I'd help in our local crisis pregnancy center.
I'd help serve meals in the local homeless shelter.
I'd LOVE to give the gift of eternal life to my parents, and two siblings who don't know the Lord, but because they won't listen to me, I give the gift of prayer for God to reach them through someone else.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008